God’s Mission

My Life mission: God called me to Spain

Hey! I’m Jesse. An ordinary Dutch boy who gave his life to Jesus.

The moment I made this decision my life completely changed. About 1.5 years ago I heard God’s call to give my life as a missionary. I listened and moved to Spain. I’ve spent the last year building a life in my new country. This hasn’t been easy but God kept on telling me He wants me to be here. I’m helping an incredible team to build a new church and I’m involved in many other projects.

Something that I feel like God has put on my heart is helping children in child trafficking. God gave me a heart for this and this is something I’m working towards. Beside spending my time helping the church I’m learning Spanish. Ofcourse it’s very useful for being in Spain but another reason is because I want to do missionary work in South America. There are millions of victims of human trafficking, many children are trapped in the sex industry, robbed from their lives and are being (sexually) abused every single day by multiple people. This is something I want to devote my life to solving.

If you are interested in my story I’d like to invite you to read my testimony. I have written down my life story and what God has done in my life.

Now I want to give and devote my life completely to God. Last year I started a new chapter in my life and even though many things went wrong and worked against me, God helped me and miraculously provided for my every need. My faith and trust has grown greatly. Now this next year I have many things planned and will let myself be led by Jesus.

Things that are planned for 2024: 

  • Continue helping to build the new church in Calpe
  • Starting and leading an Alpha course
  • Picking up a ministry in my church (more on that later)
  • Helping in leading collage of prayers in various churches spread out over Europe
  • Creating a documentary for the anniversary of our network called Vida y Familia 
  • This year I want to be the first year that I will visit Peru and involve myself in missionary work there. 
  • Plus everywhere Jesus opens His doors I will follow

For this I need resources. I have spent last year in insecurity living month to month thinking about how I was gonna get by the next month. Jesus provided for me every day. Now this year I have many things planned to do for God’s ministry.

I have calculated the minimum I need to live in Spain and I want to be open in this:

  • I pay 250 euros per month for a room that I rent from an amazing lady that I got to know in my church. She has helped me a lot in the past year and has been a great blessing.
  • I pay 120 euros per month for a health insurance, phone bill and a few other monthly expenses.
  • I pay around 50 euros per week for groceries that comes down to 200 per month.

Total: 570 per month.

If I could find a part time job I would have surely paid everything myself. If anyone has a tip for me to find an online Dutch or English job that I can do from home I would love to hear it. I make websites and have social-media managing, google workspace and VA skills. 13 hours per week with a Dutch salary would already cover all my minimum expenses. It has been verry hard to find a job in Spain because of the high unemployment rates.

I have spent the whole year searching and have not been able to find anything. As you can read in my testimony there have been many times I have thought about going back to the Netherlands to work. Every time I went to God with this He gave me a crystal clear answer that I was where He wanted me. 

After quite some time with affirmation from different people I finally made the decision to start a fundraising to fund my ministry. Would you help me this year to build God’s kingdom in Spain and maybe this year already in South America? 

Monthly gifts are very much appreciated to have some sense of security but any amount monthly or one-time would help me incredibly. I made a whydonate account and here you can give with the option monthly and one-time. You can ofcourse cancel the monthly option anytime. 

I will start uploading videos and stories on my website to show what I am working on and what God is doing in the place that I live. 

As I have experienced this year the devil does not want the Light to be spread and I have experienced a lot of resistance both physically as mentally this year. So If you would take me in your prayers I would appreciate it greatly. There is a big spiritual warfare happening and prayer is our biggest tool to overpower the attacks from the devil.